E. M c C U L L O U G H

Edinburgh College of Art

Installation view, Lincoln College Oxford

Temporary loan of The Face of the Earth series and two works of Cramond, Edinburgh

Bus 10
The Sun Burns Off The Haze
Ink and pencil on gesso 


Four Hour Walk To The Sea Along The Water Of Leith

Gesso, charcoal, graphite, chalk and ink on paper

Bus Twenty-Seven
A Foggy Morning
Graphite, ink, charcoal on three layers of tracing paper
Bus Ten
The Sun Burns Off The Haze
Ink on two layers of acetate 

Somewhere between Edinburgh and Aberdeen 

Train One 


Somewhere between Edinburgh and Glasgow

Train Two


Natural History exhibition, West Barns Studios in Dunbar. 24.4.14

Final Crit, studio view

21st April 2014

Cramond Scroll 

Rock drawing - trace. Cramond beach in fog. 

Documenting drawing on location - Cramond beach in the fog. 

Beach Drawing, Cramond
Ink on paper